Cream-on-Top Reduced Fat Milk

Cream-on-Top Reduced Fat Milk is just like the whole milk except for a little cream has been removed to give the same great flavor with just a little less fat.

Most commercially available reduced fat milk has a milkfat of exactly 2%. To achieve this the milk is put through a centrifugal separator that subjects the milk to strong centrifugal forces that move the heavier skim milk to the outside of a ring and the lighter cream ends up on the inside. Then a portion of the cream that was extracted is added back to the skim to increase the fat content of the skim to a 2% by weight.

Our reduced fat milk is not put through a centrifugal separator. We allow the whole milk to sit refrigerated in our bulk tank for about 12 hour letting gravity allow the cream to naturally float to the top of the tank. We then pull the milk off from the bottom of the tank which results in a reduced fat milk with a milkfat percentage between a 1% and 2%. available in gallon and half-gallon