35 years ago Bill and Marilyn Hedstrom invested in their very own milk cow. They had planned to keep the cow for milk for their family, while they depended on their hatchery for income. Well, one cow turned into two and before they knew it, just because they liked the cows, the cows were overrunning the hatchery.

Bill Hedstrom built his own milking barn, the chicken pens were retrofitted into free stalls for the Holsteins, and his 5 acres became crowded very quickly. He rented 20 acres for pasture. The family began by selling their own raw milk in glass bottles. As state laws changed they were no longer able to do so. They then sold their milk to Meadow Gold in Kalispell for 15 years and then made a shift to Country Classic in Bozeman. They had been Country Classic producers for 10 years, before bottling their own milk again (pasteurized this time) in 2010.

In 1996, outgrowing there small 25 acre farm, they moved the whole operation out to West Valley. As a challenge and effort to preserve funds and recycle materials, the Hedstroms dissassembled the structures on the old farm and used the same materials to rebuild their “new” structures on the West Valley property.

There are 10 generations of top-notch Holsteins on the dairy. Hedstrom’s started out milking Brown Swiss cows but found their place with Holsteins.